Monday, April 27, 2015

Strange Bed Fellows;

It's fascinating to hear Germany condemning the Armenian blood shed during World War One when we consider that it wasn't long ago when Germany committed their own war crimes during World War Two. How quickly we forget. Our deadly enemies (Japan and Germany) during the Second World War are now our strongest allies -while our former allies (Russia and China) are now are now our opponents. We change lovers faster than High School teenagers.

Hillary Gate

Are we really ready for 18 months of concentrated attacks on Hillary as the Conservatives fire salvo after salvo in an attempt to shoot her down. It will be interesting to see how she holds up and whether the strategy will work for the R's, or back fire. Unfortunately pre-election propaganda is more about personal attacks on individuals than ration policy policy positions these days. The only people who are going to profit from all of the negative ads are the members of the media who condemn the ads on the one hand  while gleefully collecting money from both parties. The media are like "enablers" who encourage bad behavior for their own financial benefit.