Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sanders is letting his ego get in the way of his message. It's one thing to promote a socialist program but another to attack Clinton in the process. He can make his point without attacker her personally.

He says he's not starting a "movement" but that's exactly what he's been doing recently. He's got a right to go to the convention and try to get some of his progressive ideas on the Party platform - assuming there is enough support to do that. Unfortunately he's starting to sound like Trump- urging young people to vote against Hillary. In the process he's actually enhancing Trumps chances of winning. Sanders has become intoxicated by the sound of his own voice and if he doesn't stop attacking Hillary we'll pay a bitter price. After all it was Hillary who first tried to get Single Payer passed when her husband was in his first term. She was working to get Single Payer passed long before Sanders started to promote the concept.