Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump Protesters,

How many of you actually took the time to vote? How many of you didn't like either candidate and decided not to vote? If you're protesting now, it's too late. If you didn't vote you have no right to complain or protest.

We have no way of knowing if Trump is a racist but we do know for sure that he attracts racists and we do know that he's giving racists positions in his cabinet.

Those of you who voted for Trump hoping he would create jobs, have to ask yourself why he has all of his products made in foreign countries instead of hiring American companies to manufacture those products. When he complains about illegals ask yourself why he hired illegals to work on his buildings.

All those promises he made- listen and watch, he's already backing off on most of them and he's not even in office yet. The wall is going to be a "fence" now and it's not going to be everywhere.
Rounding up mexicans and muslims and deporting them in the firsts 45 days? Now becomes only  deporting known criminals. Global heating is a hoax? Guess what. Alternative energy is creating thousands of new jobs. Bomb the hell out of ISIS. Guess what- not practical- chose another option.
Cancel all trade agreements? Guess what- there goes our export income. Cancel Obama care. Guess how many low income Republicans that's going to put in bankruptcy. If you bought Trumps promises you've been had by a real con artist folks. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Crooked Hillary?

If anybody should be "locked up" it's Crooked Donald Trump. He's a serial sexual harasser and groper who cheats on his income taxes and doesn't pay his bills. His college is a complete sham. Students are suing for a refund. He employs illegal immigrants and hires unregistered foreign Nationals and government agents on his campaign staff which is illegal. He lies about a putting up a wall on the Mexican Border- knowing that it will never happen. He insults physically handicapped people and war veterans. He lied to get out the draft for Viet Nam. He lied on his income tax statements. He encouraged Russian hackers to break into his opponents emails- which is  illegal. He incites people to punch people who protest against him- which is illegal. He discussed details of his National Security Briefing which is illegal. He took aides to his National Security Briefing who had no security clearances. He lied about President Obama's birth certificate. Lock him up!