Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump has the emotional stability of a two year old and the attention span of someone who is afflicted with an "Attention deficit disorder". He's semi-illiterate - forced to use Twitter because he apparently lacks the ability to write in complete sentences. He's conducting Nuclear proliferation policies on Twitter and insulting the Chinese who are our biggest trade partner while kissing up to Russia whose economy is in tatters. He thinks Global warming is a hoax and that the world had an unlimited supply of fossil fuels.

He ships jobs overseas for his products while criticizing others who do the same. His best big buddies are the President of Israel and President Putin of Russia. We used to describe people like Trump as having constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth. He has no concept of "conflict of interest". He doesn't read or study issues before spouting off for all the world to hear. Forget about Income tax laws and policies. He'll decide who pays taxes and how much. Forget about treaties- he'll decide which treaties to honor and which to ignore. The same with immigration, foreign affairs, the United Nations, and health insurance. He looks in the mirror every morning and says "people love me". God save us. God save the world.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christians for Trump?

This is not fake news. Many Christians actually voted for Trump - a man who demeans and gropes women. Trump mocks disabled people and war heroes who get captured. He brags brags about the size of his daughters breasts. If you're a Christian what do you think Jesus would say about Trump's behavior? 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Not fake!

Trump doesn't want to listen to dull repetitive security briefings. Remember when President Bush felt the same way? Early in his first term Bush flew home to Texas as often as he could and apparently missed the briefing about the terrorist plot to weaponize commercial aircraft. How many lives and wars might have been avoided if Bush has taken the warnings seriously and ordered all commercial airplanes to install security doors in order to prevent terrorists from gaining access to the cockpits? Being President is not a part time job. You don't get to go home every weekend and watch football games on TV. You don't get to tweet instead of holding press conferences and being held accountable for your actions and works by the Press. You don't get to run a business while you're running the Country.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Not fake!

Trump puts a climate change denier in charge of the EPA. An advocate of using pubic money to fund Charter Schools in charge of Education. The chairman of a fast food giant who opposes minimum wage legislation in charge of the Department of Labor, a retired physician with no experience managing a large government agency in charge of HUD, a General whose son publishes fake news stories in charge of Intelligence gathering, and a bunch of White Nationalists on board as his advisers.
You can't make stuff like this up folks. Trump makes up his "facts" as he goes along. Get ready for impeachment hearings when he fails to divest himself of his various business enterprises. Conflict of interest is Trump's middle name. Bankruptcy is his business model. Sexual harassment is his life style.
His popularity ratings are lower than the sitting President or Hillary Clinton. The man is an egocentric
con artist.
Trump gets construction permit for twin towers hotel in Moscow. Putin to have shares in new venture.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fake News

Donald Trump, in a sudden reversal of his campaign promises, is going to urge the Senate to confirm the nomination of the Supreme Court candidate that President Obama sent to the Senate. He's also agreed to reveal his income tax records and sell all of his business interests in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump verses Castro?

There are troubling similarities between these two leaders. Both prefer to deliver long speeches than actually govern. Both think they are above the law. Both punish those who disagree with them. Both are populists who attract the disaffected and impoverished but their policies favor the bankers and the political elites instead of the working people. It's interesting to note that the history of populist leaders usually evolves into cruel dictatorship governments where those who speak out are jailed or murdered.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump Protesters,

How many of you actually took the time to vote? How many of you didn't like either candidate and decided not to vote? If you're protesting now, it's too late. If you didn't vote you have no right to complain or protest.

We have no way of knowing if Trump is a racist but we do know for sure that he attracts racists and we do know that he's giving racists positions in his cabinet.

Those of you who voted for Trump hoping he would create jobs, have to ask yourself why he has all of his products made in foreign countries instead of hiring American companies to manufacture those products. When he complains about illegals ask yourself why he hired illegals to work on his buildings.

All those promises he made- listen and watch, he's already backing off on most of them and he's not even in office yet. The wall is going to be a "fence" now and it's not going to be everywhere.
Rounding up mexicans and muslims and deporting them in the firsts 45 days? Now becomes only  deporting known criminals. Global heating is a hoax? Guess what. Alternative energy is creating thousands of new jobs. Bomb the hell out of ISIS. Guess what- not practical- chose another option.
Cancel all trade agreements? Guess what- there goes our export income. Cancel Obama care. Guess how many low income Republicans that's going to put in bankruptcy. If you bought Trumps promises you've been had by a real con artist folks. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Crooked Hillary?

If anybody should be "locked up" it's Crooked Donald Trump. He's a serial sexual harasser and groper who cheats on his income taxes and doesn't pay his bills. His college is a complete sham. Students are suing for a refund. He employs illegal immigrants and hires unregistered foreign Nationals and government agents on his campaign staff which is illegal. He lies about a putting up a wall on the Mexican Border- knowing that it will never happen. He insults physically handicapped people and war veterans. He lied to get out the draft for Viet Nam. He lied on his income tax statements. He encouraged Russian hackers to break into his opponents emails- which is  illegal. He incites people to punch people who protest against him- which is illegal. He discussed details of his National Security Briefing which is illegal. He took aides to his National Security Briefing who had no security clearances. He lied about President Obama's birth certificate. Lock him up!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our two party political system is the cause of many of our problems- especially when the two parties self identify along ideological lines. Life is not black and white. Life is all shades of gray. Politics is not the American League and the National league playing for the World Series. Conservatives and Liberal are not natural enemies- rather they're both sides of the same coin. When we flip a coin there are only two possible results- a winner and a loser. Our challenges are too complex to be debated and discussed in terms of winners or losers. Children bicker because they see things in terms of  black and white. They only see their own self interest. Adults are capable of seeing beyond their own self interest. Adults know that we're all in this together.  If there were no political parties our chances of finding agreement on the increasingly complex challenges we face would be greatly enhanced. After all we're all adults. It's time to put aside the school yard bickering and come together as a team - with mutual respect for each others points of view and enriched by diversity of those views. 
Enough already! When we vote we expect the politicians to accept the result and cooperate with the person we elect. Unfortunately it looks like the Republicans are already gearing up to oppose every action that Hillary proposes. If that the case they can mail in their "nays" and spend the next four years trying to Impeach Clinton. All this nonsense about the votes being rigged is true if past actions by the Republican Party are any indication. All that gerrymandering, closing voting locations, unreasonable demands for I.D. - these are things the Republicans have been doing since the last election to rig the votes in their favor. If anyone knows anything about rigging an election its the Far Right Wing of the Republican Party.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Colin Powell doesn't have a right to criticize Clinton for her judgment or her  emails- especially now that his own emails have been hacked. This is the man who didn't take the time to fact check his speech to the United Nations when seeking approval for our ill fated invasion of Iraq. This is the man who is  responsible for so many of our young men and women being injured or killed in Iraq- and this man has the balls to criticize Hillary Clinton? There is no evidence that Hillary's emails have been hacked. Powell can't make the same claim.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Donald Trump doesn't want to make American great again. He wants to sell it to the Russians.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Gold Medals

Maybe the Olympics can teach us something about the nobility of the Olympic Spirit. Something  beyond physical triumph and medals. Something about respect for our opponents in deed and thought.
Something about being able to achieve more when we're pushed to our limits by a worthy opponent. Something about having deep respect for those who make our victories possible by their own failures. For without a loser than can be no winner. In order to have a record breaking performance someone else had to set that record. The Olympics teach us to respect those who have the courage to get in the arena and risk failure. Whether it be a physical contest or a contest of ideas - what a wonderful world it would be if we could learn to respect one another for our sincerity of thought and purpose. There is no shame in losing- only shame in not having the courage to enter the arena.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Trump's comment about the Purple Heart the veteran gave him "Wow I've always wanted one of these"!  What is wrong with this guy?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

 The world is getting more complicated  now that we're all connected to the Internet. There are no simple answers any more. No"one size fits all" solutions. Tensions between nations are rising over immigration policies  trade barriers, monetary policies, natural resources, disease, religion, social values, racial prejudice -just as they've done before two previous world wars. People yearn for simpler times with simpler rules. A candidate like Donald Trump speaks a language that people understand. He appeals to people who aren't politically correct, don't mince words and  want simple answers.  He's basically a symbol of our National disharmony. His working theory is that under all of the bull shit there are some old fashioned  basic truths. The good guys are the ones wearing white hats and the bad guys have black hats. It's that simple from his point of view. He's basically the symptom of our disharmony. At a time in our history when we most need thoughtful leaders he's a fall back to simpler times when bluster passes for thoughtful strategic thinking. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Two political parties so bent on attacking each other that they can't pass a single bit of significant legislation. Hearing after hearing trying to find a scandal to make the other party look bad. Review the past eight years -was there any legislation passed that solved a problem, that repaired a bridge or a road? What have the politicians accomplished other than smearing each other in mud? Lobbyists make millions of dollars influencing Congress to pass "special interest" legislation. How much legislation was passed that helped the working people in America? Our elected officials have clearly forgotten what their job description is.

Monday, June 27, 2016

President Bush really stirred up a hornets nest when he invaded Iraq. Granted that Sadam Hussein was a nasty dictator but he didn't kill nearly as many people as have been killed since he was captured and put to death. What followed Bush' invasion was the 9/11 tragedy in New York, the rise of ISIS, beheadings between two factions of Islam, millions of people fleeing into Europe to escape the slaughter, and now anti immigrant populist movement spreading around the globe. Do we need any more evidence that we must chose a President who is mature with good judgment?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump's ties to Communist baiting attorney Roy Cohn in the 1960's probably explains Trump's bombastic style. Cohn was a hard ass vicious, intimidating attorney who led the attempt by Senator McCarthy to try to get convictions for numerous Hollywood entertainers and film makers during the Communists 'scare" of the 1960's. Cohn was also Trump's hired gun in the numerous law suits that Trump filed against lenders, contractors, and tradesmen, when he failed to pay them for their work.

Friday, June 17, 2016

John McCain is at it again. Blaming Obama for the killings in the Florida Gay Bar because he withdrew our troops from Iraq. He's forgotten that Bush Jr. negotiated that withdrawal. The man who shot all those people wasn't motivated by ISIS. He was a closet gay who couldn't deal with his guilt so he made a last ditch effort to save his reputation (and gaining entrance to heaven) by pledging allegiance to ISIS. McCain has a long record of making bad judgments dating from the Keating scandal , he then brought us Sara Palin as a potential Vice President, along with "Joe the Plumer" as a businessman who it turns out didn't even own a business. When running for President he praised
the Chairman of the FED Alan Greenspan who encouraged the deregulation of Wall Street which led to the economic collapse in 2007.  Remember his famous line "Drill baby Drill" when oil prices started climbing? We're drilling alright and the result is an over abundance of oil, earth quakes, and polluted ground water. When was the last time McCain was right about anything?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trump is displaying some very troubling characteristics that are similar to -dare I say Hitler (?) and numerous other historical crazed tyrants and dictators in the past. The ranting and raving, blaming, inciting, attacking anybody who disagrees with him, cutting of the credentials of newspapers who dare to disagree with him, paranoia, outbursts of over the top rage, followed by periods of contrition, constantly bragging about himself, never ending self praise, constantly trying to convince himself that everybody "loves" him. This man is scary folks. Not only for his harsh actions and words- but for his apparent lack of emotional stability. Republican's need to step forward and find a new candidate to represent their party. Failure to do so will not only damage their party it puts us all in jeopardy. Any Republican who lacks the courage to speak out and refuses to endorse this man doesn't deserve to hold public office.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump shoots first and aims later AGAIN!. Sorry Don but the gay bar shooter was born right here in the good old USA! You might try getting your facts straight before you spout off!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sanders is letting his ego get in the way of his message. It's one thing to promote a socialist program but another to attack Clinton in the process. He can make his point without attacker her personally.

He says he's not starting a "movement" but that's exactly what he's been doing recently. He's got a right to go to the convention and try to get some of his progressive ideas on the Party platform - assuming there is enough support to do that. Unfortunately he's starting to sound like Trump- urging young people to vote against Hillary. In the process he's actually enhancing Trumps chances of winning. Sanders has become intoxicated by the sound of his own voice and if he doesn't stop attacking Hillary we'll pay a bitter price. After all it was Hillary who first tried to get Single Payer passed when her husband was in his first term. She was working to get Single Payer passed long before Sanders started to promote the concept.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump versus Bernie

I'm not sure how Trump can run on the Republican ticket when he's not a member of the Republican Party and I'm not sure how Sanders can run on the Democratic ticket since he's a registered  Independent . They're running very similar campaigns- both courting the disaffected and angry voters. Trump is running a classic "show business" campaign built on his back ground in professional wrestling based of hurling phony insults at "opponents" in order to get the crowd riled up. Sanders at 70 years old is appealing to young voters who want society to give them a free education financed by higher taxes on Wall Street Bankers. Neither candidate can find a nice thing to say about the people they are running against. Clinton has spent a life time defending her political actions and choices. She's smart. She's dedicated. She's worked in all levels of government but she's "tone deaf" when it comes to the voters. She's so steeped in the details of government that she loses touch with the concerns and needs of the average citizen. In a country of millions of people these are the best candidates that we've got to chose from? Nobody to blame but ourselves. How many of us would vote for a normal man or woman from our own ranks?