Tuesday, July 19, 2016

 The world is getting more complicated  now that we're all connected to the Internet. There are no simple answers any more. No"one size fits all" solutions. Tensions between nations are rising over immigration policies  trade barriers, monetary policies, natural resources, disease, religion, social values, racial prejudice -just as they've done before two previous world wars. People yearn for simpler times with simpler rules. A candidate like Donald Trump speaks a language that people understand. He appeals to people who aren't politically correct, don't mince words and  want simple answers.  He's basically a symbol of our National disharmony. His working theory is that under all of the bull shit there are some old fashioned  basic truths. The good guys are the ones wearing white hats and the bad guys have black hats. It's that simple from his point of view. He's basically the symptom of our disharmony. At a time in our history when we most need thoughtful leaders he's a fall back to simpler times when bluster passes for thoughtful strategic thinking. 

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