Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our two party political system is the cause of many of our problems- especially when the two parties self identify along ideological lines. Life is not black and white. Life is all shades of gray. Politics is not the American League and the National league playing for the World Series. Conservatives and Liberal are not natural enemies- rather they're both sides of the same coin. When we flip a coin there are only two possible results- a winner and a loser. Our challenges are too complex to be debated and discussed in terms of winners or losers. Children bicker because they see things in terms of  black and white. They only see their own self interest. Adults are capable of seeing beyond their own self interest. Adults know that we're all in this together.  If there were no political parties our chances of finding agreement on the increasingly complex challenges we face would be greatly enhanced. After all we're all adults. It's time to put aside the school yard bickering and come together as a team - with mutual respect for each others points of view and enriched by diversity of those views. 
Enough already! When we vote we expect the politicians to accept the result and cooperate with the person we elect. Unfortunately it looks like the Republicans are already gearing up to oppose every action that Hillary proposes. If that the case they can mail in their "nays" and spend the next four years trying to Impeach Clinton. All this nonsense about the votes being rigged is true if past actions by the Republican Party are any indication. All that gerrymandering, closing voting locations, unreasonable demands for I.D. - these are things the Republicans have been doing since the last election to rig the votes in their favor. If anyone knows anything about rigging an election its the Far Right Wing of the Republican Party.