Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump has the emotional stability of a two year old and the attention span of someone who is afflicted with an "Attention deficit disorder". He's semi-illiterate - forced to use Twitter because he apparently lacks the ability to write in complete sentences. He's conducting Nuclear proliferation policies on Twitter and insulting the Chinese who are our biggest trade partner while kissing up to Russia whose economy is in tatters. He thinks Global warming is a hoax and that the world had an unlimited supply of fossil fuels.

He ships jobs overseas for his products while criticizing others who do the same. His best big buddies are the President of Israel and President Putin of Russia. We used to describe people like Trump as having constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth. He has no concept of "conflict of interest". He doesn't read or study issues before spouting off for all the world to hear. Forget about Income tax laws and policies. He'll decide who pays taxes and how much. Forget about treaties- he'll decide which treaties to honor and which to ignore. The same with immigration, foreign affairs, the United Nations, and health insurance. He looks in the mirror every morning and says "people love me". God save us. God save the world.

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