Friday, June 17, 2016

John McCain is at it again. Blaming Obama for the killings in the Florida Gay Bar because he withdrew our troops from Iraq. He's forgotten that Bush Jr. negotiated that withdrawal. The man who shot all those people wasn't motivated by ISIS. He was a closet gay who couldn't deal with his guilt so he made a last ditch effort to save his reputation (and gaining entrance to heaven) by pledging allegiance to ISIS. McCain has a long record of making bad judgments dating from the Keating scandal , he then brought us Sara Palin as a potential Vice President, along with "Joe the Plumer" as a businessman who it turns out didn't even own a business. When running for President he praised
the Chairman of the FED Alan Greenspan who encouraged the deregulation of Wall Street which led to the economic collapse in 2007.  Remember his famous line "Drill baby Drill" when oil prices started climbing? We're drilling alright and the result is an over abundance of oil, earth quakes, and polluted ground water. When was the last time McCain was right about anything?

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