Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trump is displaying some very troubling characteristics that are similar to -dare I say Hitler (?) and numerous other historical crazed tyrants and dictators in the past. The ranting and raving, blaming, inciting, attacking anybody who disagrees with him, cutting of the credentials of newspapers who dare to disagree with him, paranoia, outbursts of over the top rage, followed by periods of contrition, constantly bragging about himself, never ending self praise, constantly trying to convince himself that everybody "loves" him. This man is scary folks. Not only for his harsh actions and words- but for his apparent lack of emotional stability. Republican's need to step forward and find a new candidate to represent their party. Failure to do so will not only damage their party it puts us all in jeopardy. Any Republican who lacks the courage to speak out and refuses to endorse this man doesn't deserve to hold public office.

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