Thursday, November 3, 2016

Crooked Hillary?

If anybody should be "locked up" it's Crooked Donald Trump. He's a serial sexual harasser and groper who cheats on his income taxes and doesn't pay his bills. His college is a complete sham. Students are suing for a refund. He employs illegal immigrants and hires unregistered foreign Nationals and government agents on his campaign staff which is illegal. He lies about a putting up a wall on the Mexican Border- knowing that it will never happen. He insults physically handicapped people and war veterans. He lied to get out the draft for Viet Nam. He lied on his income tax statements. He encouraged Russian hackers to break into his opponents emails- which is  illegal. He incites people to punch people who protest against him- which is illegal. He discussed details of his National Security Briefing which is illegal. He took aides to his National Security Briefing who had no security clearances. He lied about President Obama's birth certificate. Lock him up!

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