Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump versus Bernie

I'm not sure how Trump can run on the Republican ticket when he's not a member of the Republican Party and I'm not sure how Sanders can run on the Democratic ticket since he's a registered  Independent . They're running very similar campaigns- both courting the disaffected and angry voters. Trump is running a classic "show business" campaign built on his back ground in professional wrestling based of hurling phony insults at "opponents" in order to get the crowd riled up. Sanders at 70 years old is appealing to young voters who want society to give them a free education financed by higher taxes on Wall Street Bankers. Neither candidate can find a nice thing to say about the people they are running against. Clinton has spent a life time defending her political actions and choices. She's smart. She's dedicated. She's worked in all levels of government but she's "tone deaf" when it comes to the voters. She's so steeped in the details of government that she loses touch with the concerns and needs of the average citizen. In a country of millions of people these are the best candidates that we've got to chose from? Nobody to blame but ourselves. How many of us would vote for a normal man or woman from our own ranks? 

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