Friday, July 17, 2015


When we think about all the religious based hatred that's tearing nations and people apart around the world today it's hard not to notice how frequently we use religion as an excuse to murder, maim, torture, jail or judge one another. Ironically some of the most violent hatred and intolerance often occurs within the various sects of any given religion.

The history of "Religion"  is a long and brutal story-  marked by a trail of blood, torture, sacrifices, and intolerance. Territorial wars are common among many of life's species but we humans appear to be the only species which justifies territorial expansion in the name of a God. Most species have inborn norms for social behavior and cooperation which we sometimes find repulsive. Many of our modern religions were initially designed to mute and moderate those raw brutal basic instincts. The name we have given to the ideal behavior preached by our "sacred texts" and religious leaders is called "Humane Behavior". The term derives obviously from the name we call ourselves.We arrogantly think and speak of ourselves as being "humane" and compassionate in spite of considerable evidence to the contrary.

It's time for our religious leaders and followers to remember the real purpose of religion and end the global religious based deadly brutality that's quickly spreading around the globe like a virus.

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