Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The presidential debates on both sides of the aisle seem more like High School personality contests rather than policy discussions. Other than random broad statements from a few of the candidates, we've heard hardly any details about economic issues, health care, jobs, foreign policy, trade, defense, etc. When we do hear  details it's primarily in the area of social issues. It's fascinating to see how much the candidates are starting to rely on "social media" to connect with potential voters instead of expensive traditional Television advertising.  Whether that's good or bad is hard to know. At least we know what lies they are spreading when they advertise on TV. When they spread lies on the social media it's harder for the public and the press to hold them accountable.

The emphasis on "family values" and the frantic courting of "evangelicals" while mentioning the Constitution in the same breath is somewhat disturbing  - given the fact that the Constitution expressly provides for freedom "of "religion and thus implies freedom "from" religion as well.

Candidates on both sides of the aisle are still using the tried and true method of appealing to our worst fears and anger as they try to get our votes. We're not hearing the voices of "healers" - even from the evangelicals who seem to have forgotten the words of their original spiritual "healer". 

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