Tuesday, November 11, 2014

                                                   Obama earns his salary

Members of Congress have spent the past six years of the Obama Administration sitting on the side lines criticizing and attempting to block every single action President Obama takes while they essentially only work a two day week themselves. Members of Congress typically spend more time raising money for .their re-elections than dealing with legislation. They also give themselves periodic extended breaks by shutting Congress down between "sessions"  Meanwhile our Presidents work 24/7 looking out for our National Security interests, dealing with trade issues, domestic issues, economic issues, problems in the Middle East, energy issues, environmental issues, immigration issues, diplomatic issues--- the list goes on and on. A President rarely gets a single day when he's not faced with some type of problem requiring his immediate attention. Presidents noticeably age and turn gray while in office. Members of Congress grow fat and rich and when they leave office they become lobbyists and grow even more wealthy. Whether you agree with Obama or not I think we can all agree that he shows up for work everyday and never once complains about the burdens of the job. I wish we could say the same for Congress. 

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