Wednesday, November 12, 2014

                                                          Veterans Day is not a Holiday

Too many Americans think that Veterans day is a day to relax, go out to dinner, and catch a movie. Some may see a person in uniform and "thank them for their service". but for those who have served on the battlefield and been physically or mentally injured those words sometimes sound hollow and have little meaning. It's become far too easy for many Americans to look the other way and forget the sacrifices that so many young men and women have made in battlefields on distant lands. Many of these young men and women volunteered to put their lives and limbs at risk - believing that they were doing so in defense of their country. They did not question the "cause" or the reason they were sent into battle. They accepted the risks with incredible bravery and when they returned minus a few limbs they did not wallow in self pity, or regret their decision.

Politicians send these young men and women into battles while they themselves remain safely at home. Sometimes the causes are just sometimes not,  but our soldiers, once in uniform,  don't have the option to decide which cause they're willing to die for.

Many Americans feel that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were just causes for someone other than themselves to fight and die for but very few were willing to put on a uniform and put their own life and limbs at risk. When I see people taking advantage of Veterans day to go shopping and catch a movie it makes me sick to my stomach. Please spare me the token "Thanks for your Service". Sometimes that comment is truly heart felt but far too often it's just a cop out.

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