Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump and the Truth

Our new President is playing fast and furious with the Truth- alternate versions of the Truth- and the Truth as he wants it to be. He makes up his own facts as he goes along and attacks the Press when they check on his "facts". His blatant disregard for revealing his many potential personal and business conflicts of interest is in clear violation of the intent of our founders and the Constitution itself, let alone any regard for the people's right to know about his personal finances- information which his new cabinet members are required to provide. He has loans with banks- some of which may be foreign banks. He collects income from Corporations , Foreign Heads of State and their staff for staying in his hotels in America and around the world. He promised to release his income tax returns if he was elected and now he refuses to do so. This can only mean that he has some ethical or financial problems that he doesn't want to make public. This man has a long history of being involved in law suits,  bankruptcy, and not paying his contractors. He recently settled a class action suit filed by people who attended his "University". He is being sued by a woman he molested. Other women will probably come forward with their own claims. He has financial ties with Oligarchs in Russia and the Ukraine.
It's very important that the free Press dig into each of these matters and shed light on this man's past and current financial ties and potential conflicts of interest.

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