Thursday, March 16, 2017

It's no coincidence that many of Trump's appointments to the various regulatory branches of government are person's who have openly advocated against those very same branches of government.

Bannon is the man who whispers in Trump's ear at night and Bannon's openly stated goal is to unfund, or eliminate,  as many  government regulatory branches of government as possible.

Bannon's behind the scenes manipulation of Trump should never be under estimated or discounted.
He's George Bush's Dick Cheney. Taking advantage of a rookie first year President who doesn't have a clue about how the regulatory functions of our Government work or what purpose those regulations serve.  Cheney lead Bush down a path that lead to one of the worst depression in Decades. Bannon is on course to do the same unless people wake up and start paying attention to the potential long term problems that Bannon and his ilk are going to create with their passion for de-regulation.  By the time (if ever)  President Trump wakes up and starts to listen to more voices outside of his closed circle of un-elected advisers it may well be too late to save the regulatory agencies which protect public health, the environment, safety, equal opportunity, freedom of religion, and equal opportunity for all.  We are after all a Nation of laws which protect and create fair play. These laws also protect the planet and our natural resources. If we don't leave our planet is better shape than we found it. If we don't reduce and eliminate pollution. If we don't replenish what we consume- the planet will become so toxic and depleted that life as we know it may no longer be viable. This is not a political issue. At it's core is an issue of taking care of the "Garden of Eden" which has made our very existence possible. At it's core it's an issue of fairness and fair play. Private Enterprise is probably the most fair and productive and economic system that's been created by our species. Even so regulations are critical to prevent a hand full of Business Owners from enriching themselves on the backs of those who do the actual work.

Trump's lack of interest in the details of governing and government make him extremely vulnerable to those who have his ear and want to manipulate him for their own purposes. Trump is a skilled "pitch man" but his moral compass is non-magnetic -swinging wildly from East to West in search of North. 
We can not allow this person to virtually destroy all of the social, environmental, and economic progress that we've fought so hard to create and protect over the centuries that our species has walked upon this planet. We must never forget that we are just one of the millions of "animal" species that have been risen from the seas and lands over the past 500 million years. Whatever conceit we claim for our intelligence- that intelligence was lent to us by the elements of the planet itself. Existence requires co-existence. Only  the Sun exists by consume itself. The rest of us must consume each other.



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