Thursday, March 30, 2017

Watching Trump roll back environmental, banking,  and consumer privacy regulations is heart breaking. It's one thing to thin out unnecessary and pointless regulations which only make everyone's life more difficult but quite another thing to cancel regulations that protect our privacy, and our air and water for future generations. This is the only livable planet that we have. It was a gift given to us and when we foul it and deplete the natural resources we violate the sacred trust given to us by Nature.

Trump has no knowledge or respect for Nature or the laws of the Universe. He has no respect for our neighbors and other Nations. He has no respect for our judicial system and our judges. He has no respect for honesty and truthfulness. He has no empathy for those in need. He has never spent a day in any form of public service -nor has he ever served a day in the Military. His primary goals are to promote himself and increase his wealth . His secondary goals are to roll back all of the protections to our rights to privacy, the regulations which prevent Banks and Wall Street from creating another Depression, reduce the tax rates for the wealthy, and allow corporations to rape our natural resources for profit.  Given his way the wealthy will prosper, working people will earn less money, and pollution will make our planet unlivable. If we continue to "consume" and not "replace" - eventually there won't be anything left to consume. Trump's overall philosophy is to say "To hell with the future - it's not our problem. We live in the "now" not the "future".

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